August 25, 2021

America is Still Running On Coffee: Juicy Greens’ Best Blends

Americans drink an average of 646 cups of coffee a day, so that’s nearly 3 cups a day for the regular coffee drinker. This number increased by 8% since 2020, with 25% of coffee drinkers buying new types of coffee during the pandemic and 41% trying new types to expand their palette.

The National Coffee Association USA populated these numbers earlier this year, and they’re planning to complete another round of surveys toward the latter part of 2021.

We think this number will increase: new blends are appearing on the market, in our store and our selections are selling more.

What sets us apart?
We find exquisite single-origin coffee beans from South and Central America to create various blends of potent hot joe.

Earlier this year, we started a partnership with a local coffee roaster to roast our own coffee beans. Our coffee quality improved, which, of course, Juicygreens coffee goers appreciate.

Why is single-origin better?
As the name suggests, single-origin beans are harvested from a single place, usually a specific country or region. Coming from only one source, single-origin coffee tends to be available at particular times in the year, which helps us maintain our sustainability goals while supporting organic farming.

Single-origin coffees are rich, unique, and their characteristics are pegged to their geographical origins. They offer people the chance to experience exclusive tastes.

Here are three things to consider when creating your coffee blend

  • Flavor profile
    Coffee has a base, middle and final notes, ranging from sweet to sour, salty to bitter. How do you want your blend to taste? Think about what you prefer and choose your coffee beans and other additives based on your liking.
  • Ratio
    It’s up to you which bean you want to stand out. Fix your ration, so it satisfies all of your desires.
  • Before, After, or Split Roasting
    Roasting your beans enhances the aroma and flavor. You may roast the beans before blending, which will create a different flavor than if you roast just a portion. Roasting before blending allows you to toast the beans exactly how you want. Blending and then roasting allows for a more consistent flavor throughout. Ultimately, the decision depends on your goals for the coffee you’ll be drinking and sharing.


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